Joining the REA and UK Solar

The REA and UK Solar has continually been engaged with the solar industry. Initially alone following the introduction of FiTs in 2010 and then for 3 years by supporting the STA and specifically providing it with its detailed policy and press work. REA and UK Solar is now providing its members with a direct solar offering and is a major influential voice in the solar industry.

The REA and UK Solar works closely with Government and its officials on policy areas that effect solar’s deployment including financial incentives, planning, building regulations and taxation. It also engages heavily on technical and training issues.

The REA and UK Solar provides expert advice on all these issues to its membership either individually or through its regular member meetings.

Benefits of Membership

How to benefit from the opportunities for solar in the UK – jobs, manufacturing, supply chain and installation:

– Access to industry experts providing advice on the market, regulations, certification processes and technical support

– Access to market research studies (tracking industry trends, central source of information for solar)

– Access to online library of reference documents and related material

– Training and education advice

– Network with industry stakeholders and the wider building construction industry

– Opportunity to influence future Government policy and standards

– Discounted rates to attend various REA and UK Solar and other UK industry conferences and exhibitions

Main Policy Areas:

– Financial incentives

– Positive planning agenda

– Accreditation of installers and certification of micro-generation products

– Government’s micro-generation strategy and related programmes

– Zero carbon buildings

– Code for sustainable homes

– Metering and distributed generation issues

The REA and UK Solar are setting up several working groups which will be decided by its steering committee and will cover key areas influencing the industry.

REA Membership pricing list

Solar Membership

For more information and details on how to join the REA and a guide to our fee categories, visit our comprehensive membership page.