Energy storage holds the key to addressing future capacity crunch – 15th July

  • National Grid report shows risk of blackouts higher than last winter
  • Energy storage needs government strategy to promote energy storage
  • New report by KPMG next week will give pathway to storage and solar

Solar is the fastest growing generation technology with over 8 GW installed already in the UK. Combined with energy storage solar can also be one of the most flexible sources of power, even contributing to peak demand in winter.

With the UK closing some of its most polluting power stations it has been reported that there is a risk of blackouts over the winter. National grid has taken steps to prevent this, securing 2.56 GW of power through the capacity mechanism, costing a reported £36 million. Old power stations will continue to be decommissioned showing the need for a new strategy in this area or the costs will continue to rise each year.

Energy storage represents a huge opportunity for cost savings and grid management. Storage would help provide energy security in the long-term and alleviate short term issues caused by intermittent generation. Storage now faces regulatory and legislative barriers to level the playing field to achieve breakthrough in the UK.

Head of External Affairs, James Court (REA) said:

“It is essential that the government adopts new technologies to solve these ongoing grid problems, both to prevent increasing bills for consumers and to provide energy security. The REA is calling for a coherent national grid strategy that recognises the importance of solar and energy storage and the role they can play in solving grid issues.”

The report on solar in the UK by KPMG will be released next week and explains how energy storage would operate in the grid alongside solar and will show how, as part of a coordinated strategy storage can help the UK move away from carbon intensive generation.

The REA set up UK Energy Storage earlier this year to drive forward this emerging industry, and represents over 50 leading companies active in this area.



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