UK Solar’s Work Plan

UK Solar is in the process of forming a Steering Committee which will decide on the full work plan and the various working groups it requires as it works towards a sustainable industry on the path to and during parity.

With our work plan, UK Solar looks set to be the first major renewable energy technology to compete with conventional energy sources without subsidy, expected to occur in the UK over the next decade. This solar revolution will transform the power market, providing households, businesses and the public sector with the opportunity to reduce their energy bills and, in many cases, provide significant export to the power market.

The mission of UK Solar, the REA’s solar power group, is to support and drive the transition to this solar future.  We will work with the solar industry, government and all relevant stakeholders to:

  1. Develop and navigate a clear pathway to parity with grid and retail electricity prices for all sectors of the solar power market;
  2. Achieve a portfolio of incentives suited to solar’s rapid cost reduction potential;
  3. Develop a positive regulatory framework for solar power in the ‘post-subsidy’ world;
  4. Ensure solar’s smooth integration into each market segment, with acceptable environmental impact;
  5. Seek to ensure that the solar industry operates with the highest standards of quality, safety and integrity;
  6. Stimulate developments in complementary technologies that support the growth of solar power, such as storage;
  7. Help our members build sustainable, profitable businesses.

The REA and UK Solar has continually been engaged with the solar industry. Initially alone following the introduction of FiTs in 2010 and then for 3 years by supporting the STA and specifically providing it with its detailed policy and press work. REA and UK Solar is now providing its members with a direct solar offering and is a major influential voice in the solar industry.