The Renewable Energy Association (REA) has been leading on policy for the solar sector since its launch in 2001. Having worked hard to promote solar over the lean years, it was instrumental in getting UK Solar recognized as a major contributor to the UK’s energy mix. Therefore, in 2014 UK Solar was set up by the REA to be the solar industry’s voice.

UK Solar’s mission is to support and drive the transition of the UK’s energy system from fossil fuel to clean renewable energy and ensure that UK Solar is at the forefront of the energy revolution

The members of UK Solar, come from across the entire solar supply chain, supporting the development of domestic, commercial roof-top, ground mounted and BIPV systems. The REA’s quarterly meetings are regularly attended by over 50+ of our members. The group is supported by a sector leading team of experts within the REA and UK Solar.

UK Solar and REA members benefit from being a part of a larger organisation with more political weight and expertise across renewables as a whole. There are many generic issues which impact on renewable energy producers of all types. Grid connections and charges, energy storage and finance are just a few examples. The REA has member groups and in-house experts for all these topics, including UK Solar, and your membership will enable you to use these resources to help grow your business.

As well as specific UK Solar mail-outs, all members of UK Solar also receive the latest weekly updates on the whole of the renewables industry; this is invaluable to the many individuals and companies wishing to combine several technologies on one site.

UK Solar will meet regularly with Government officials and Ministers. It will work closely with government, NGOs and many other organisations such as the National Solar Centre, NFU and APSE. It also has a focused programme, and uses specialist sub-groups, to address issues relevant to the development of the UK Solar industry.

Working with the Events Team in the REA, UK Solar gives presentations at both REA and other stakeholder and third party conferences.

The REA is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. The Articles of Association can be found here. The REA is primarily funded from member subscriptions.