Shining the light on the Solar Industry

KPMG & UK Solar


The REA is the trusted voice of solar. It is trusted by Government to deliver high quality credible analysis and even more importantly it is trusted by its members too.

The REA has a proven track record of securing real change for the sector.


Our Mission at UK Solar

Our mission here at UK Solar and the REA, is to grow the renewable energy economy and to bring renewables, such as solar, into the mainstream. UK Solar’s main objective is to secure the best legislative and regulatory framework for expanding renewable energy production in the UK. The REA undertakes policy development and provides input to government departments, agencies, and regulators often working with NGOs and others


Here’s what our members say about us;

“We see the REA as the go-to association for the whole renewables industry and as such any company involved in renewables should be actively involved with the REA.”
“The REA allows our company, and our sector, to engage with Government on strategic issues (and keep us informed about them) with an effectiveness that would not be possible for businesses on our scale.”
“REA is known as the premier organisation for renewable industry business. Extremely focussed and hugely knowledgeable, I regularly recommend REA to new contacts in the industry.”
“The REA is at the forefront of industry news, insight and policy and is a forceful voice within the industry that listens to all its members whilst striking a balance with an open, person touch approach to all its members.”

(Testimonials from REA member survey 2014)